Result-driven paid search marketing

Quickest Way to Increase Traffic

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the most effective form of advertising, where every penny counts and is made accountable. It is easy to start a PPC campaign and anyone with little understanding of the business and target audience can get started. But, how much do you budget and how do you evaluate the progress of your PPC advertising. Make Cereseo Solutions your chosen online advertising agency in Mumbai to get the most out of your investments as we test, implement and monitor campaigns for you.

Whether you are a small enterprise or a large organization, whether you have a short-term theme-based campaign or a long-term goal, our methodic search engine advertising will help you get the maximum return on investment. We specialize in leveraging all forms of ads from banner ads to video and display ads across platforms like Google AdWords, Google Banner ads and Facebook giving maximum visibility to your business and attracting the target audience, while keeping the ads budget under control.

Our Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.


Starting with customer assessment, we perform market analysis, understanding the business offerings, analyzing the competition and their campaign strategy, and identifying the search, volumes, and keyword performance.

We also conduct thorough keyword research considering the business offerings, what potential end-users look for and organize your keywords into ad groups to define the ad trigger and the most suitable platform for paid advertising.

PPC Analysis


We create focused ad groups for high-performing ads using relevant keywords and text within each group. We provide relevant ad data to improve AdRank quality score and make Google AdWords pick the post.

We also improve your ad’s visibility and the CTR (Click Through Rate), by optimizing the ad relevance, the landing page, and the ad content. Our content experts implement copywriting best practices for creating the complete ads. Customize your ads based on profile targeting, proximity targeting, or price targeting.

PPC Setup


Using Google Analytics code embedded in the page URL, we measure the page performance and visitor actions. We identify best ad positions based on the campaign, the cost-per-click, leads and conversions. We incorporate the relevant ad extensions to increase visibility such as the call out extensions, locations extensions and more.

. We have a team of in-house developers to run dummy test and evaluate the success of the campaign. We help define specific goals for the campaign using Google Analytics and track the performance

PPC Installation


We design the PPC campaign specifying the landing page with relevant information as reflected in the ad and drive towards Call-To-Action (CTA) for the end-users encouraging conversion of the incoming lead. Remarketing ads to target people who have already visited your website.

. We routinely monitor campaign performance to bring required tweaks in the bidding, keyword search queries, on-page positioning, and cost-per-click for campaign improvement. We also push remarketing ads to engage interested end-users who visited the website.

PPC Optimization


We routinely track the campaign monitoring the effectiveness and measuring the ad efficiencies and conversions. Our PPC reporting brings transparency and gives direction to your marketing effort. We evaluate the data using the CTR, conversion rate, impressions, return on ad spend and cost-per-conversion from Google AdWords, AdCenter or Google Analytics and provide a simplified report with campaign status updates and recommendation for allocating your PPC budget judiciously.

We provide customized reports based on the nature of the customer's business, be it an e-commerce firm, a local store or an apparel brand highlighting the KPIs achieved.

PPC Reporting