Comprehensive SEO strategy to guarantee success

Stand Out in the Crowd!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services do not end with a user-friendly website and catchy content. It is a long-term process requiring technical SEO services, content marketing services, keyword research and search performance.

When Google keeps modifying and changing its search algorithms to suit its audiences, how do you ensure that you stay abreast of these changes and not let it impact your page ranking? At Cereseo Solutions, an SEO company in Mumbai, a team of SEO consultants manage these technical and conceptual aspects, for you to focus on the campaign activity and constantly enhance your web presence by improving on-page and off-page SEO.

The success of SEO depends on the strategy and execution of the strategy. We understand the requirement and always endeavour to drive sustainable value creation for our customers. SEO optimization is a meticulous process that slowly but surely reaps its results. We have, therefore, created a methodology to bring out the best results. Our five-step comprehensive SEO Optimization strategy helps our customers increase their online sales reaching to a larger audience and improve your ranking in the SERP – search engine results page.

Our SEO Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.


The first step starts with familiarizing with the terrain and evaluating the business, the competition, the existing status of the website performance and the potential forward.

Google ranks pages based on the informative value shared on the website and the assets like the images, videos and other content. As a part of our extensive evaluation, we evaluate these assets and conduct link audit, keyword audit, URL and also measuring various components of the website that carry a certain weight in the ranking algorithm.

SEO Discovery


There is no One Size Fits All solution to SEO optimization. We, therefore, formulate a unique strategy for every customer based on their business goals. We study, understand and define the campaign goals based on set goals to drive real business results. We identify the white spots by providing targeting consultation.

We are the SEO agency in Mumbai to help you define and prioritize the campaign goals and benchmark progress made during the campaign.

SEO Strategy


We bring technical expertise to plug the white spots on your web property and undertake on-page SEO issues that include various elements other than the content.

We leverage various tools and platform to display reviews, page loading time, link performance, and information in the search results. We conduct on-page optimization on the content to elevate the web assets to a compelling copy that enhances the page value and the ranking.

SEO Implementation


We are the SEO agency in Mumbai that provides multi-faceted optimization for Off-page SEO such as social bookmarking, local citation, business listing and On-Page SEO using keyword research, image tagging, eliminating broken links, faulty URLs, and creating file webmasters such as robots.txt and the sitemap.xml.

We also provide Local SEO services for region-based targeted SEO for effective marketing by leveraging local structured data markup, geotagging on Google maps, listing on local and global business listing such as Google My Business, building search citation, and gaining recommendations at hyperlocal directories and review sites.

SEO Optimization


Regular monitoring and reporting of the campaign status are very crucial to assess the progress of the campaign. SEO helps gather important information as data and using Google Analytics we constantly synthesize this data to generate customized reports about visitor patterns and their engagement with the web property.

Similarly, our monthly reports provide various benchmarks and provide a transparent view of the campaign performance.

SEO Reporting