End-to-end social media strategy and execution

Create Great Customer Engagement

Today, millions of people are going online on social media platforms to gather and share information. This could be information about news, events, trends, people and products. These social references in the form of information help people shape their opinions and make their purchase decisions. Therefore, more and more brands are opening up to social media engagement. It is becoming ‘the’ forum where brands can increase brand awareness, connect with the end users, earn their confidence, and convert them into loyal customers.

We are the social media marketing agency in Mumbai that helps you to build that influence and impact online and win customer attention and loyalty. Our SMO (Social Media Optimization) services will help you reach your target audience and grow your followers online.

Social media marketing is usually assumed to be confined to Twitter and Facebook, however, from Facebook marketing to Twitter advertising, we also manage other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and other specific forums based on the demographics and interests of the target audience, to drive eyeballs to you website and increase your sales.

Our Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.


For drafting a robust social media marketing strategy we start with establishing the goals and success milestones of our customer. This helps in tracking the success and benchmarking it against the milestones defined for a better return on investment in marketing efforts. We evaluate the current social media use, the reach and the impact and the competitive landscape and their presence on various social media platforms. We then refine the goals based on our evaluation results.

The success milestones are mapped against leads generated and conversion rate and define the target audience based on interest areas, demographics and various other parameters. We also choose the social media platforms to focus on based on target audience.

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With the evaluation and identification of the right social media platforms, we revamp the customer presence, by either bringing a fresh look and refinement to the account or creating a new one.

We optimize the account for SEO with content, images, videos and provide relevant tags to generate more traffic and increase page views. Cross-promoting social accounts to extend the reach of content. We understand the journey of creating a social media marketing profile and marketing it further on platforms starts with a good content, therefore we focus on the forms of content and the quality.

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It is easy to create a social media profile, but creating awareness, building engagement, driving conversations is the most challenging part of social media marketing. Overboard promotion can upset the end-users and push the brand in the spam zone. Every brand needs to get the right methodology to increase interactivity and spreading connections.

As an experienced social media marketing agency, we consistently work towards building the audience and increasing the traction. This includes sharing posts, organizing interactive activities like contests and surveys, initiating conversations and joining conversations with the target audience.

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We leverage all platforms, employing our defined marketing plans to interact with the target audience, increasing their brand awareness and their interest. When we engage, we closely monitor the conversations to sense the mood and identify opportunities for direct interaction.

This strategy helps us bridge the communication gap with the brand and provide the end-users with a direct medium to share their views, experiences and even expectations. These engagements build credibility, showing that the brand is receptive and responsible, converting the interested parties into brand loyal customers.

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